Finding the right employee is quite a herculean task! You ought to see past the flowery resumes and masterfully crafted interview flows and be sure you hire not just a certificate worthy person but someone that can really have a positive impact on your company. Hiring a wrong person, can put your business at risk and prevent you from breaking even. By ensuring you have got the right approach to recruitment, you would be assured that you will be hiring assure which you’ll be hiring a candidate that qualifies for professionalism and work ethics. Here are five PROFESSIONAL STAFFING SOLUTIONS to help you make the exceptional hires when looking for employees to hire

 1) Clear task description 

If the job description you included in your online job listing isn’t clear and concise, you would have a hard time getting the desired result. Poor outline of job description will only expose you to irrelevant candidates and resume spammers. Make sure you accurately specify the requirements, tasks and expectations to be accomplished by the candidate so you attract only the most qualified candidates. 

 2) Identify the right candidate 

Think about the five primary goals you want this employee to accomplish within the first 12 months and assess him by the behaviors required of the person carrying out this task. Jobs that require regular meeting of new people will be perfect for an extrovert or someone who enjoys meeting new people. A job that requires a programmer would favor an introverted person who largely radiates energy when left alone. Attitude towards work and general ability to follow instructions should be an added advantage. Look out for the candidates’ behaviors during the interview or different screening phases. Observe how he/she interacts with other candidates and determine their problem-solving abilities especially in respect to safety.  

 3) Out of the interview sector 

Consider taking a candidate out to lunch with team participants and observing his social competencies or, select an interest that aligns with your corporation’s lifestyle to know how well he fits in. You maybe setup a somewhat distinct task like cooking lesson so you can see how he handles mastering a new task. Is he a crew participant, obsessed with people and relationships? Does he appear to be curious and ask good questions? Does he appear to be much of a talker? Some tech companies frown at a talker due to having discrete operations which they wouldn’t want the information out of the company. However, it all boils down to the role the candidate is vying for. A talker wouldn’t be bad for a marketer. 


 4) Consider an intern 

Some candidates could be really smart at handling interviews with smooth talk and crafting awesome sales pitch. Many have mastered the art of approaching interviews, hence you might have to do more by employing them for internship and observe them for a period of probation. An attitude might be concealed for a very short time but in the long run, it will definitely come out to the open. This will give you a detailed insight on his or her attitude in the working environment. It’s a far cheaper way to find out about her intelligence, competencies, and potential to deal with strain, time limits, and customer needs. 

5) Get feedback from everybody 

After the interview, do your due diligence and seek advice from the people he meets outside the interview—the receptionist who greets him, for instance—Was he polite? Inquisitive? Get feedback from his social clime by checking his social media and maximize remarks from references. Ask about work performance, humorousness, the neatness of her workspace, and the way he handles errors. You obviously don’t want issues or any reason to trend negatively. Hence, check if he has a negative virility online. Check for indiscriminate videos, uncoordinated speeches, hate talks etc, which could put the company in bad light for employing such a person. 




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