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When you apply for jobs online, standing out from the crowd is something you should have at the back of your mind. But, this task can suddenly prove to be insurmountable if you are vying for a rather very competitive role. 

However, spending all of your time thinking about the intense opposition will only lead to uneasiness, anxiety, fear and maybe loss of self-confidence—qualities that won’t assist you in overcoming the job hunt and interviews. So, it would be better if you put down the cross of intimidation and negative vibes. Concentrate on the following ideas to boost your chances of having a successful application.  

  1. Get Personal

The thought of merely submitting your CV online could make you think that your CV could be sorted out by a bot software or might never get any real human read. The need for creating a connection with the organization is not out of place. What does this suggest? An old pal or LinkedIn connections who works in the company could help you put word out or hand vet your submission. 

  1. Improve Your Documents

A resume that’s riddled with typos and grammatical errors will in no way favor your online job search quest. No one enjoys reading a shabby looking resume while there is stiff competition for a vacancy. Your application will obviously be tossed aside. A well written resume isn’t an automatic yes to your job application but it’s a positive start to make your hiring manager remember you. It appears simple, however going through your resume and cover letter with an exceptional writing-comb is simply necessary.  

  1. 3. Go Above and Beyond

Resumes and cover letter have always been the norms when looking for jobs online. They are crucial files to show your seriousness in the job application process as well as to outline your strengths, weakness and relevance to the company. However, mere words mightn’t be the magic wand to land you the dream job. For some job opportunities, you may consider sharing a link of your blog where you talk extensively of your craft or expertise. For job opportunities like web design or graphics design, a link to your portfolio or private blog is ideal. Anything that helps them to get a better feel of who you are as a candidate is a plus! 

  1. Polish Your Social Media Presence

Oh! Yeah. Social media has become part and parcel of our lives and there seems not to be any going back. Hey! Have a rethink before you make that silly post which could dwindle your future chances. Your social media profile is your online space and it’s a good way to connect with work mates. Sounding professional and making posts relating to your expertise would boost confidence in your hiring manager that you are the right person for the job. Most managers want employees who not only work for them but also have the ability to grow their brand with word of the mouth and social media is a good platform to talk about just anything and make it viral. 

  1. Follow Up

You know about that intense competition we talked about? Well, it not only overwhelms you—it’s also pretty overwhelming to the hiring manager as well. Suddenly, they have an inbox full of submissions, and it’s up to them to weed out the junk in order to find those diamonds in the rough. 

So, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back immediately about that job you’re so excited about. In fact, you likely won’t receive a super timely response. This is why following up is so important. This can be done by email, LinkedIn connections. 

Standing out from the crowd when the job competition is stiff can undoubtedly be tough. But, it’s not impossible! It just involves some thought and creativity. Put these tips to use, and you’re sure to find your way to the top of that resume pile. 


apply for jobs online

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