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Great employees are not easily replaced because they are business movers. They are sometimes irreplaceable. In most cases, companies readily get offers  when they decide to hire an employee to fill a vacant position. In the labor market we find ourselves in, the world is filled with candidates who are able and willing to take up the job. However, regarding your employees as assets is a step to maintaining reliable employees and solving personnel staffing solutions within the company.

Business managers who adopt the attitude that anyone is replaceable, thinking they can simply hire a candidate with a greater skill or someone with a more prestigious educational qualification, simply have poor personnel staffing solutions. When a company has a capable employee, that employee carries value that simply cannot be easily replaced by just anyone. They carry deep institutional knowledge and know the hidden nuggets of the organization. They maintain nice and cordial relationship with clients. They carry amazing experience on what has worked and what hasn’t worked for the company in the past and even what should work for the company in the future.

When a company loses a great employee, they actually lose a workforce. It causes the other staffs to imagine, “Why would such an asset leave the organization? why would the organization let he/she get away? Is there something going on with this organization that I should be worried about? Perhaps I should start working on getting another job.” Not only will other employees question it, even clients will constantly ask questions as well. When clients trust an employee and such asset leaves, the clients will begin to ask themselves the very same questions that other employees have, “Is there something wrong that I am yet to know about? What would have caused that employee to leave? Should we look out for a new organization?” The tremendous effect of losing a great asset/employee goes well beyond what is easily quantified.


Treat your employees as priceless asset:

Employees are asset to the organization, so as an employer, you should keep them well informed about the goals and direction of the company. Open access and communication lines and also holding regular meetings with employees will tend to make them to feel part of the day-to-day business. It also make them feel accepted in such organization because of the good relationship between the employer and employee. This will also make employees feel comfortable about sharing their knowledge and insight. As they are at the front line of the business, their observations and experiences are very important to the business.

Create an employee developmental program:

It’s a well-known fact that organizations that partake in employee development programs tend to have better successes than organizations who do not. When you develop the skill sets of your employees, you boost their overall performance in the working environment. This in turn shows positive signs in your business in terms of productivity and efficiency in the working environment. Employees will gain knowledge, experience and improve drastically which will serve the company in the future. It also makes them feel happy with the company for deciding to improve them despite the financial burden on the company.

Focus on learning and development:

Start by hiring employees that have the specific educational qualification, experience, and skills you need to serve your clients and your company well, but keep in mind that employees at every level are always learning and growing. By giving your employees opportunities to develop new skills, grow their knowledge, and lead new efforts, you’re promoting natural learning and growth within the organization.

Employee Welfare:
Make your employees happy with raises in salary, loans for single parents, medical aids, insurance. Ensure all employees have a period of holiday to spend quality time with their families and loved ones. They will in turn cherish the company for caring about their families too. Prompt payments of salaries is also a plus as no one enjoys delays in payments whereas a budget could have already been made for the expected money and at that period of time.




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