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When an employer opts to post job listing to hire employees online, he needs to make a compelling listing to attract the right person for the job. The internet has broken barriers associated with making job hires. Now, you can employ expatriates and consultants from anywhere in the world with the push of a button. You can get SUPREME STAFFING SOLUTIONS for your business by placing business ads and job listings online.  When it involves writing compelling job advertisements, there are 5 key factors you need to keep in mind: 

  1. Consider the task title.

This is the 1st attraction to your online job listing which attracts candidates to apply for the position. It needs to be short and precise. It is important to choose a suitable name which could be easily searched for by candidates. This is because, a good job title can attract more visitors to your advert by over a 1000% increase. Avoid complexities with the aim of impressing a highly qualified candidate while choosing a job title. E.g, a complex title like “web designer II” will have difficult outreach possibilities when compared to “senior web designer”. Similarly, it’s important to include the specific job title to explain the primary aspects of the task. For example, “Events and Sponsorships Manager” is a great title when compared to simply “Marketing.” 

Keep the task title concise, below 80 characters, and avoid all caps. And NO! people are not likely to include special characters in their search, so depart those out too. 

  1. Ask yourself, “How could I sell it verbally”?

Write your job description as you would sell in-person to a candidate. Entice them along with your phrases. Remember, you don’t just want any employee but a competent person especially if you seek an experienced candidate or an expert who probably is doing well in a company but seeks for a more challenging opportunity or some positive reason for JOB CHANGE. Why could a chef write on his menu that the soup of day was “vegetable soup” whilst, he would describe it to his diners as a “wholesome carrot and parsnip soup with ingredients his team grew in the kitchen lawn? He wouldn’t, so why would you do something similar for your advertisements? 

  1. Write it down in layman’s language, and be passionate!

Be direct, why your perfect candidate needs to switch over from their present-day function to yours. Forget buzzwords and dispose of any jargon. Jargons are weightless, unconvincing and in the long run meaningless.  You need your job ad to stand tall for all the right motives. It should to be exciting to read yet very simple to understand. 

While Menu One tells you what you’re going get hold of, it doesn’t make you yearn for the meals like Menu Two does. Menu Two goes into detail about the fact that the vegetables are fresh from the garden, implying that care and effort went into their meal. An employee doesn’t just want to work for you but also needs to ensure there are opportunities that could improve his life in your company. Use that kind of storytelling element when you post job listings. 

  1. Use Headings and bold fonts

Many recruiters often post listings without proper formatting. However, this is an added advantage which makes your advert look professional and eye catchy too. Proper formatting with headings and bold texts for specific keywords in the right order, will enhance exposure and readability. Headings are a super manner to shape your job advert and provide an effortlessly readable layout for job seekers. 

Highlighting the most essential key phrases and factors to your job spec will enhance your applications. Why? Because when candidates study the description, they pick interest in the crucial points and they understand the necessities. NEVER underestimate the magic of formatting your content. 

  1. Test, test and check once more

After developing a compelling title and description, test variations of the ads to determine which of them attract the most certified candidates. Use the metrics to make decisions. 


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