Rhonda Danna

Rhonda Danna Owner

The concept to create a Service for professionals to market their skills to be seen and heard came about by being in HR and Office Administrator for a combined 30 years. I started as a simple packer in 1981 after leaving school to becoming a Quality Control Manager and an independent contractor for 13 years until the sale of the company. I then had to start all over at a new company as a cashier moving up within 6 months to Assistant HR Manager then HR Manager within 2 years. Hiring 5000 employees through inter-company system of screening that decided whether a candidate was eligible by company standards to have an interview.  I was then approached by another company and took an offer that led me to see the interview and hiring process was impersonal. I then found a job that gave me opportunity to help consultants on the road and the ability to work from home. I then had the opportunity to experience what job seekers feel and what they have to go through to find a career. I was unemployed for almost a year from August 2015 to July 2016. I paid for my resume to be posted on job sites I also applied for jobs then found out later that they no longer exist. Now I am 53 and the job market has become computerized. I took this time to develop a service that allows businesses to get back to basics which are needed to select a candidate with no surprises which is a waste of money and poor choices. The professionals have an equal opportunity which allows them to be selected for a position and with no solicitation. Feel free to take a look around and see the services that we offer.

Our Services

   Drug Test

   Background Check



   Job Posting

   Direct Hire

Interim Services

  • Business Analysis / Assessment and Overview
  • A/Resolution
  • Coding (ICD-10CM&PCS, HCPCS, CPT, DRG, Value, Condition and Revenue codes resolution)
  •    Compliance resolution
  • HIPPA regulation
  • Credential validation
  • Training and development of current staff, we provide permanent and interim staff where needed to make a long lasting impact on cash flow. You can select personnel through our screening process through the site No surprises showing up at your facility.
  • Audit and Compliance Service (RAC) with contracted Services

HR Services

  • Assist Human Resource Specialist w/Career Placements.
  • Provides Step by Step Development for HR Placement Success of recruitment.
  • Provides Businesses with Human Resource Professionals Candidates Ready For Hire.
  • Independent recruiting for Human Resource Positions for Businesses